This blog is a record of my thrifty living adventures - mostly unexciting domesticity, but it's nice to have a record to look back on; and perhaps it will help someone else in their own journey.
I live in the warmish part of the UK, in a city, with my husband and three children. 

I hate waste and despise ostentation; and I hate the environmental destruction those things lead to. Living simply and thriftily is a no brainer. I budget, save, shop carefully, cook from scratch, grow things, build things, buy secondhand, upcycle, repair, reduce, reuse and recycle and look for simple pleasures wherever I go.

I blogged elsewhere for a few years before returning home to this one, my first. The first few years of posts document our  attempts at turning our finances around - we paid down around £9,000 in unsecured debt, mostly through living thriftily and embracing a DIY lifestyle. Everything after the break is us saving up a house deposit and squeezing every drop of value from our income.

I hope you enjoy reading your visit. Please feel free to leave a comment or drop me a message.

Aurora x


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