Thursday, 11 April 2013

Thrifty thrills in a lean month

So much to do and spend this month, the extra few pounds from the tax allowance increase are going to come in handy. We have actually been putting money away for all of these eventualities over the last year, but that is tucked away in a cash ISA and I would prefer to keep it that way. The interest is nominal, but it is interest. As much as possible will therefore be coming from our wages.

This will be a month of meal planning, batch cooking with religious zeal (something I struggle with) and  finally getting around to eBaying a few things that have been lying around for far too long.

Entertainment - apart from the big events - will be fixing all of those things around the house that we already have the materials for. We are halfway through freshening up the woodwork downstairs with its first lick of paint in (I am guessing) a decade or so.

A few things have been bought. A new pair of almost floor length curtains for £4.50 yesterday that were too good to miss for the living room. The 'old' living room curtains are now up in the cherubs' bedroom. They actually suit that room much bette I spent an hour searching for the cheapest place to buy curtain rings and hooks yesterday, before giving up and just swapping them over with what I had. It turns out there was a surplus of fixings upstairs and a deficit downstairs - which has saved us around £6 or £7.

For Mr Freya's Rainbow, that also means working on the car and fixing up the rust and bubbled paintwork with all of the shihe has accrued

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