Friday, 8 January 2016

Thrifty successes of the week

This week:
  1. First Group (the bus company) are offering buy once, travel twice offer on day tickets in my city, every weekend in January - which meant I halved my travel costs this weekend. If you use public transport, follow their social media accounts - I wouldn't have known about this at all if I wasn't following them on Facebook.
    TOTAL SAVED: £4.20.

  2.  We were given an almost full box of red wine - it's OK to drink, but I'm freezing most of it into silicon cup cake moulds ready for use in recipes - a splash on wine makes the most of otherwise budget recipes.
    TOTAL GAINED: A £10 box of wine.

  3. I cut my own hair and it came out really well. It's the second time I've tried it, the hair-cutting  scissors paid for themselves with the first cut. I'll write up a post with links later this week.
    TOTAL SAVED: £25 average.
In the bad old days when we were in debt, these savings would have immediately gone towards paying that down. These days I put the cash aside in a separate jar. It can be used for treats, or towards long term savings, or for unexpected household costs. Either way, its always useful to have some cold hard cash in the house; and its a nice reminder of your skills at managing your resources wisely. 

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