Wednesday, 6 January 2016


Yesterday we nipped into Poundland for some batteries; and I came out with several other things on my 'need' list (and no extras, happily), coming in significantly under budget:

Lee Stafford hair products are £5.99 each in Boots (not that I would have ever paid that much!) and vegan to boot. £2 under my budget for decent shampoo and conditioner.

Nair facial hair removal strips cost £6.00 in Boots. Some shops do their own version but they are cellophane backed and don't seem to work very well. Another £5.00 under budget.

My favourite toothpaste - £1.80 under budget.

The new LED lightbulb is for the hallway. £3.00 under budget - and more economical to use too.

Insoles - £1.50 under budget.

3 9V batteries for the smoke alarms - £3.00 each in B&Q, £2.00 in the local 'cheap shop'. You can't put a price on safety, but it sure is nice to cut it by two-thirds - £4.00 under budget.

All in all we saved a spectacular £17.30 today. Poundland is not automatically going to be the cheapest for anything; which is why I stick to my list and don't browse for 'bargains' that I don't actually need.

Having a longterm 'need to buy' list keeps me focused; and keeping track of which stores are good value for certain things keeps me under budget. Being loyal to one convenient supermarket - and shopping off-liste - on the other hand, rarely pay.

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