Monday, 4 January 2016


Oh look! Ye Olde Blog! It's still here. A bit of a fixer upper, but then, that is the thrifty way isn't it?

After quite a few months break (and several years from this particular one) I want to return to blogging. I have some goals I'm working towards, and blogging about thrifty topics really helped with that once upon a time.

And I'm still all about the simplifying and streamlining and concentrating on what is important in life. I've simplified my online life massively the past few months. I've sacked of social media accounts, deleted my other blogs, and I've had a nice long rest.

And then I logged into my old account to see what was what. It was nice to rediscover some of the blogs from my old sidebar that I haven't visited in a few years, too.  And then the nostalgia kicked in.

And now I am back where I began. Home.

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