Thursday, 1 October 2015

The accidental composter

Last month I clipped the privet hedge that was starting to overgrow our rotary washing line - and me being the idle gardener, I left the clippings to bag up 'later'

'Later' finally came this week. Expecting to do battle with a damp and slimy mess, instead I found that my scattered clippings have been transformed by tens of worms into rich, crumbly compost.

I picked out the handful or unrotted twigs and spread my free worm/worm poo/leaf mix around the base of our patio apple and rhubarb. If ever there was a lesson that nature really doesn't need us, it's in seeing just how well she does in our absence.

I want to add more composting capacity to the yard somehow. We have a small yard but a large output of compostable material and our single small compost bin is already full and very slowly rotting down. I'm really looking to cut our waste stream down to size - looking towards zero waste even - though I know that that journey begins long before 'Rot' with the first of the 5 Rs - Reduce.

As always, things are always more complicated when you look deeply at them. I aim to be a person that nature merely has no use for - not one she would be better off without. In my more idealistic moments, usually after a YouTube permaculture documentary binge, I aspire to actively repair the world and be useful and productive - though I know the odds are stacked against me. But change is just a series of small steps taken one after the other; and compost seems a good enough place to start.

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