Friday, 23 October 2015

Final orders

The temperature has definitely dropped this past week. I wonder which way winter is going to go in this El Nino year? 

The past decade has been a bumpy ride weather wise. We've had everything from the snowstorms of 2009-2010, to the balmy early spring of 2011 - and then there was the monsoon of 2013-2014, which I hope to never see a repeat of.

Our apple tree seems to be betting on balminess and has burst into bloom. To its credit, it's probably as equally accurate a soothsayer as the Daily Express (Snowpocalyspe. Every. Damn. Year).

Here on the South Coast in our sheltered little yard I know I am luckier than most British gardeners who labour under such uncertainty. I had a non-hardy geranium bloom through the winter last year, and have picked coriander through the year before now.

That said, this isn't spring and things are certainly winding down. The days are ever shorter and the shadows longer. I'm having one last throw of the dice:

I might throw in some salad leaves for good measure. I can't wait until spring.

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