Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Learning curve

I've been a distracted and neglectful gardener this year. Having decided not to plant annual veg this year, and thanks to the steady supply of rain, I've barely paid any attention to the patio fruit trees since their late spring pruning.

And then last week I went out to do a tidy up; and found that the patio conference pear is gradually turning to dry, cracked browned lengths of twig. Fire blight.

Its called Fire blight because the end result is a tree that looks like it has been scorched by flame.

The only remedy is to carefully prune all the effected branches, wiping the blade with disinfectant between cuts so as not to spread the blight spores around the tree. This was actually quite a simple job as the blight had spread to the top of the main trunk and I made a single cut.

I've lopped the tree down to a 2 foot high stump, removed the bamboo cane; and now can only hope for the best.

Perhaps a miraculous resurrection will occur and our little tree will be spared, but I suspect I will be chucking a dead stump on a bonfire before the year is out.

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