Friday, 17 August 2012

Edible City

I found this via Gavin's blog and felt it deserves to be shared far and wide. The whole film is available to watch online and is worth an hour of your time. If you are struggling to find your grow food/change the world mojo after the ridiculous weather/diamondjubilee-London2012-pimms-teaparty season/grinding recession we have had this year, this might just help a little.

Our own growing project isn't going so well. A dry spring, followed by hot damp weather brought blight to our plot. No tomatoes, no potatoes. We have a few tomato plants in the back garden that fingers (and toes) crossed will reach maturity. The strawberries were decimated by slugs and the garlic crop failed to bulb before the stalks fell. I have seriously lost my own mojo. Too little time and a plot too far away to visit daily, plus torrential rain for weeks on end that has brought out the 10,000 gastropods of the slugocalypse. Urgh.

Corn still stands and sweet potatoes are translating all the rain into lush vegetation and hopefully some tubers. And nothing, NOTHING - not drought nor gales nor torrential rain- will dissuade the jerusalem artichokes from doing their thing. So all is not lost, even when it feels as though it might well be. There will be some overwintering veg courtesy of a plug plant pack we purchased last year too late in the season to be dispatched. There are plans afoot to cover the rest of that ground in thick pond liner over the winter, ready to hit the barren ground running in spring with mulch and plug plants. Next year, once again, will be better.

How does your garden grow?


  1. Chin up. I am sure things will be better next year. And enjoy the small triumphs at the end of this season, a tonne of sweet potato and corn is something I am incredibly jealous you can grow, as my tiny backyard simply lacks the space to do that. I am grateful that in Australia we can grow all year, as I imagine you cannot plant out much during your winters. I am beginning to plan out what I will be planting for our coming Spring. Sam

  2. Thanks Sam. I know things could be a lot worse, this is generally accepted to be a terrible on for farmers and gardeners in the UK, so if the professionals are struggling, I take some comfort from that. It is hard not to focus on the gap between your vision and your reality, especially when that vision was a delicious edible one!

    Will update your blog links soon, thank you for the reminder! Hope all is swell? X


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