Thursday, 29 September 2011

Calling UK bloggers

Just a quick one, really. I want to compile a list of UK frugal/green/simple living blogs on a separate page here. I have some favourites, but I am hoping that there are many many more out there.

I have nothing against all you lovely US and Australian bloggers, quite the contrary. But you are prolific and make up a sizeable proportion of my feeds! And as you all tend to link to your fellow native bloggers, I find myself reading more and more non UK blogs. Simple, green and frugal living in the UK looks very different to your home countries, not least because of the general scale of our living arrangements here.

So fellow Brits - a chance for flagrant self promotion, or promotion on behalf of your favourite bloggers. If you consider yourself a predominantly UK based frugal/green/simple living focused blogger, please leave a link in the comments below. Ta.


  1. Does that include South African bloggers? :)

  2. Ooh, lots to choose from I'm sure and I look forward to seeing what you end up with!

    I'd recommend the lovely Fay over at She's up in Orkney, growing food, living frugally and having plenty of adventures.

    (I'd love to recommend my own little blog, but since I seem to be mostly writing about tea and cake at the minute, I fear you'd be disappointed!)

    Jenni x

  3. *waves*

    I know exactly what you mean - I do love a lot of blogs from overseas but UK ones feel more relevant & possible so I can't wait to see your list.

    Incidentally, I did my own "favourites" list on my personal blog last year ( before I started TRGL and it's usually one of the most visited pages on there. (I updated it this year too - )

  4. I'd like to nominate
    Frugal Queen's blog -
    and Meanqueen's blog -
    I'm sure they are both very well known to your readers.
    I have frugal, green and simple living features in my blog but not in as much detail as these two.
    Love from Mum

  5. I am following a lot of uk frugal living blogs all of which I consider great. And my own meagre offerings I shall include here too if I may:

    This is a small collection of the good ones I regularly read.


  6. Thank you all for the suggestions. Some are new to me, I am enjoying having a peruse. I will get to work on the links page next week

    Incidentally, I read all of your own personal blogs and they will all go on the list whether you think they are too tea infused, cakey, undetailed or meagre, I like them all :)

    Dani - yes, you too : ). My stats tell me that the majority of visitors here are Australian and North American, so nothing personal. Perhaps you could do a South African list on your own blog, I have come across a few that I like.

  7. There's a friend of mine who posts at the Compost Bin who always has something good to say:

    My own blog is semi-sufficient/ semi-disability advocacy so maybe not suitable

  8. Good idea - i am always on the lookout for more UK based blogs like my own (shamless plug here!)

  9. It's so difficult to find UK blogs especially if they don't have frugal in their titles...wouldn't it be great if there was a register? A regional one would be even better!

  10. Making a Uk listing of frugal blogs is an excellent idea.
    I was going to give you my blog, too.
    I see here that 'Frugal Living Uk' has beaten me to it, lol. Nice of Dan to meantion me here.
    Feel free to hop over and check my blog out, for yourself.

  11. As we live in Norfolk, thought I would add our blog here. We are very new to blogging but are really enjoying reading and making new friends.

  12. Hello not sure if you are still compiling your list but I am quite new (started mid September) and trying to live simply with home-cooked food and thrifty ways. Can also second FrugalLivingUK's list!

  13. Most of the blogs that I read have already been included above but perhaps you would like a look at these: This is one lady who is very good at stretching pennies. A very capable and competent gentleman - can mend anything on his croft Very frugal and self-reliant.

  14. Just found you today
    My own blog is only a week or two old. I have just started wrecking my garden to make it into mostly edibles, and am documenting it all on that blog. Hoping to be frugal and simple, attempting to be green. . . My blog addy -
    Off to check out the rest of the links here!
    Teri (in North East Scotland)


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