Thursday, 16 June 2011


I am three weeks from my due date and mental and physical energy really is escaping me now. I have to confess I haven't done much of anything this last week. I have pottered about, I have tried to keep on top of all the things that need to be done - but mostly I have done an awful lot of lazing around. The nesting instinct is still strong and housework is getting done in short bursts of activity. Walking anywhere seems to take three times as long and sap my strength 3 times as fast.  Mostly I don't feel much like leaving home, or the sofa for that matter.

I have taken the chance to socialize a little the last few weeks, forcing myself even, when necessary. I regret that in the past I have been reluctant to socialize regularly, partly out of shyness, partly laziness, partly that my house was too messy to have people round - even close friends. A barbecue, a few evenings with friends, a visit to the local community arts cafe today, even dinner out with Nick - a once a year occurrence these days - have all been enjoyed, even if they have left me shattered. New babies don't leave much time, will or energy over for socializing, so we might as well make the most of it whilst we can. I am naturally a bit of a homebody, but once I am out of the house and amongst good company I am as happy as the next person - something I will miss out on perhaps for the rest of the summer.

One of my focuses for the next year will be to become more involved with my local community. I am quite reserved and find it hard to just turn up to things where there are big groups of people, but it would be good for me to involve myself a little more. We have good friends, we know a few of our neighbours, but I can't describe us as being embedded in a community. I am yet to take The Boy to any form of structured toddler group and know very few people with children locally - and as a result have probably made this parenting lark a lot harder for myself than I needed to. Now I want to go out and make connections with people and better late than never.

On Saturday we went to a healthy living picnic event at a local park. Considering my lack of energy I surpassed myself and we took along a bean salad, vegetable sticks, sweet potato wedges with homemade smoked paprika mayonnaise, homemade bread and some fruit and ate a leisurely picnic amongst all the other families, surrounded by trees, healthy living stalls and children tearing about in sack races, making the most of all the sunshine. The Boy had his first go on a bouncy castle; a terrifying ten minutes for me; thankfully he just giggled every time he came close to being flattened by the overly energetic seven year olds sharing it with him.

This week has been a good one, for which I am very grateful.


  1. I love that photo!

    It's hard, the balance between doing community stuff, doing your own stuff and not feeling exhausted by it all, esp. with a new baby. My advice is join community groups, or playgroups that require as little 'commitment' from you as possible... ie. don't get caught up being the Admin person for a community group like I did, or get put on a roster for the playgroup... though at least if you are on the roster, it will force you to get out of the house that week if you know it's your turn to bring the snacks, or clean up afterwards! Yes, being around other parents helps a lot I think...

    Rest up, good luck!

  2. Thank you Dixiebelle. No danger of me over doing it now, I think, I can barely move some days!

    I remember hating playgroup and creche as a child as I was so shy, which is why I have dragged my feet so much I think. But this time around I will be getting out and joining a mother and baby group. Hopefully I will be able to do lots of other community things (even just going along) as I won't be working weekends for 9 months. Paid work gets in the way of so many interesting things!

  3. Well best wishes for a safe arrival for this new Little One. :)

  4. Thank you Kristy, everything is looking good so far, so fingers crossed. Nervous, though!


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