Friday, 6 May 2011


I finally bottled the 3 gallons of rhubarb wine that have been calling out for my attention for the past three months - I am a starter of projects, not necessarily a finisher. Once I had begun, of course, it wasn't so bad. I think it's the washing and sterilizing of the bottles that I usually find so tedious, though I now do them in small batches, standing them upright in a large brewing bucket of sterilizing solution, which makes the job much easier (and uses less water) than when I used to fill the bathtub, desperately trying to remove all of the trapped air bubbles.

After that is done, the sound of wine swooshing through a siphon and swirling into bottles is very soothing, as is the squeaky pop the cork makes as it slides into position  (once you overcome the sense of impending doom that quite rightfully accompanies leaning all of your weight onto a fragile glass bottle neck, of course).

The whole process is almost as soothing, in fact, as the sound of wine glugging out of bottles into glasses - but that will be a few months yet. In the meantime 'Rhubarb 2011' no longer needs my attention. What to ferment next?


  1. Oh, some photos of the finished product would be great!!

  2. Elderflowers will soon be here. It is best with added apple juice - got a recipie if you want?

  3. Dixiebelle - expect out of focus, poorly lit, weirdly angled photos in three to six months, depending on my patience levels and sobriety :)

    Lizzy, sounds lovely, please share! I am not a huge fan of elder flowers on their own, added apple juice sounds much nicer.

  4. rhubarb wine?! I'd love to taste it! I once had a go at growing rhubarb, when a friend from the UK sent me a couple rhizomes (some of the ugliest things I've ever seen), but I managed to kill them...

  5. Alas we have killed one of our two Rhubarb crowns planted this year - I don't think they like early warm weather so much. The bit you plant is quite ugly, but come spring the long pink stems and huge leaves are quite striking.

    It needs to sit for a while, but it is a dry wine with just a hint of rhubarbiness - not overpowering at all. Will be very nice chilled come late summer.

  6. Hi Aurora! I loved your idea of rhubarb wine I linked to your blog in a recent post,

    Do you have a recipe to make the wine?

    Sam xox

  7. Sam, sorry for the late reply. Thank you for linking to the post, glad you likey!

    Being the organized individual I am, I can't find my wine record book. When I dig it out, I will write a post with the recipe. I also plan to write up a full tutorial the next time I make wine(though it probably won't be rhubarb and it probably won't be until after baby arrives in July), if you would like to have a go.


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